May Queen (mq) wrote,
May Queen

Первый раз вижу письмо счастья без обещания кар небесных за не распостранение. ;-))) Можете, в общем, и не читать, но, говорят, подкова работает даже для тех, кто в нее не верит. ;-)

You opened it, so you belive in it, too! Something good will happen to you between 12:00PM and 9:00PM tomorrow. No catch. It could happen anywhere or anytime; you will fix your relationship problems for the next 2 years, maybe it was someione that you once loved(or still do) and can't get them out of your mind. or money, or something you lost, or just someone that's given you a helping hand. To spread the positive karma, repost this in another city in the next 10 minutes. You will get the shock of your life tomorrow. I believe. I hope you do, too. What do you have to lose? Go! And, may you be blessed!
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