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Workshop!!! - May Queen's journal

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August 15th, 2013

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05:31 pm - Workshop!!!
Уже в эту субботу, уже даже кто-то придет. Я начинаю мандражировать! ;-)

Mandala. Healing creativity.
Workshop by Julia Pankratova.

Mandala - one of the oldest form of art on Earth associated with healing and mediation.
Modern Mandalas. Carl Jung and his introduction of the Mandalas to the Western World.
Listening for the echo of your soul: creating of your own Mandala under Julia's guidance,
playing with various shapes and colors.

Workshop will be held on Saturday, August 17 2013 at 2pm at One Yoga & Wellness Center, East Windsor, NJ.
Register by calling 609-918-0963 or emailing: Info@oneyogacenter.net.
Cost is 25$ per participant.
No previous art making experience is required. Art supplies will be provided.

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